November 21, 2014

We're back!

Dear readers,

So many things happened since our last post back in 2011...
We moved to a new website, but after a few unexpected incidents, WE ARE BACK!

Ecowaza is still active in Japan, there's so much we have to update.
I can't wait to introduce you the subscription box -TOMORROW BOX- we launched in 2013. It was originally made for Japanese speakers, but since so many non-Japanese people contacted us about it, we made it fully bilingual from April.

Okay I should stop here for today.

For those of you who can figure out your way in Japanese, here's the URL of TOMORROW BOX.

For those who can't, hold on, we're planning to create pages that explain its concept and ways to order both domestic and internationally.

Will post again very soon.
eco+waza team

August 23, 2011

We have moved our diary to the website

Dear readers,

We have moved our diary page to our website.
Please refer to
for our activities and news.

It was a great pleasure writing on Blogger, and we hope to see you at our new website.

Thank you!

eco+waza team

January 18, 2011

Japanese happy WAZA for the World!" at Minato-Ku ecoplaza

eco+waza and Minato-ku ecoplaza jointly present "eco+waza Month:
Japanese happy WAZA for the World!" @ Minato-Ku ecoplaza
2011 Jan.11-31

Japanese happy "WAZA" for the World! at ecoplaza ( , Station: JR-Hamamatsucho or Metro-Daimon) A New Year selection of eco+waza (made-in Japan, eco-friendly) lifestyle products will be on show with English descriptions and available for purchase. "WAZA" is a Japanese term for technology, techniques and craftsmanship. We all hope to see you there!

Two events will be held during this special month:
1. January 19, 2011: [Workshop]
Furoshiki -square cloths-
Wrapping wonders for elegant living in Japan
Say goodbye to wrapping papers! Furoshiki, a square piece of cloth, can wrap anything from a chocolate box to a wine bottle to a teddy bear, and be used again and again... Isamu Yokouchi, a furoshiki shop owner and self-referring himself as Furoshiki Prince, will teach you how to wrap, tie, and undo, using different sizes of furoshiki. You will be amazed by how innovatively furoshiki can color and decorate your daily life, not only as a substitute for wrapping paper, but also as an interior item. It can also be a fashion item! After the workshop, you can't help but talk to your friends about wisdom of a beautiful square from Japan, furoshiki.

-Time and Date: Wednesday January 19, 2011 from 11AM-12:30PM
-Location: ecoplaza ( , Station: JR-Hamamatsucho or Metro-Daimon)
-Limited seats available: Max 15
-Fee: 1,000YEN (including small book on furoshiki wrapping techniques and a small furoshiki to take home)
-Instructor: Isamu Yokouchi (Famous as "Furoshiki Prince")
-RSVP necessary: Contact eco+waza directly at info(@) (Nanao Sonobe)
Please indicate the name of event that you are interested in attend, your name, numbers of people you are planning to bring with you and contact information (telephone number/e-mail address.

2. January 26, 2011: [Talk session]
Japanese eco+waza -daily wisdom for eco-friendly living-: past, present and future
In this talk session, special guests who are entrepreneurs themselves and engage in businesses to spotlight and introduce eco-friendly products made by Japan's local manufacturing technologies and craftsmanship to the world.
You can hear how they have rediscovered sparks in locally made products and read stories behind. This talk session will be organized in a participatory manner, so just join us for this panel discussion.
-Time and Date: Wednesday January 26, 2011 from 7PM-8:30PM
-Location: ecoplaza ( , Station: JR-Hamamatsucho or Metro-Daimon)
-Fee: FREE (Tasting of okara-tofu residue- cake)
-Panelists: Takashi Watanabe, representative of NPO-TOSIVA, Mayu Omura, CEO of Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd. Reina Otsuka, CEO of Ecotwaza Co., Ltd. and others to be confirmed.
-RSVP necessary: If you are interested, contact eco+waza directly at info(@) (Nanao Sonobe) Please indicate your name and contact information (telephone number/e-mail address).

Looking forward to seeing you at the events!
Photo of exhibition corner and a lady that happened to be there checking out.

December 29, 2010

Holiday till Jan6

Happy holidays!
Japan is now entering the New Year's holiday week.
eco+waza online will be on holidays till Jan 6th, along with the maker companies.
Please note that all orders between Dec 29 and Jan 6th will be shipped after Jan 7.
Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to seeing you again in 2011!

Free Shipping for Paypal Users (~Jan 31) will continue the Free-shipping deal until January 31st.
For orders over 3000 yen paid by Paypal, shipping will be free!
Please make use of this and try out the products from Japan.

December 20, 2010

Behind the Cover

eco+waza Vol.12 Winter 2010 is now on its way to the bookstores in Tokyo.
The cover will look like this.

We took the photos at a Kominka (old house), in front of an Irori (fireplace).
The featured article is about Green Cleaning.
in Japan, it is a traditional custom to clean all around your home before New Years,
so we asked for green cleaning advice to Ms. Fumiko Nose,
a woman in Koganei-shi who has been active in the "use soap" movement.
Read more on our magazine :-)

So see how small the person on the cover is.
Can you find her? 

Here she is!!

The broom is hand-made by Naomi, our editor.
Now this is one kind of "waza"...

November 27, 2010

Find eco+waza at Cafe Hi Famiglia

Beautiful Saturday morning in Tokyo.

I found two editions of eco+waza at Hi Famiglia, a very comfortable cafe in Mitaka.
(About 8 minutes walk from Mitaka station)